Composite Sleeper

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Now a days materials used for Railroad sleepers, are not just natural Timber, but also Synthetic Lumber. Our synthetically produced product workability is equivalent to Lumber but Strength rivaling Concrete, is being used by many Railroad network authorities as "Railroad Composite Sleepers".

Because this material made of Fiber glass and rigid Urethane, it has an extremely high corrosion and chemical resistance properties against acids, alkalis and other variety of chemicals including seawater. Being low co-efficient linear expansion product, it has no contraction and elongation due to temperature variation, relative humidity etc. It has synergistic effect of low water absorption hence there is no degradation of insulation properties providing high electrical insulation.
We have remarkably progressed in the railway industry followed by Construction, water treatment and industrial applications in the future.
We have unique opportunity of BESCOPING our customers’ need through our Japanese manufacturing partner of the same. Eugania invites enquiries for best solutions.