Fire Integrity Cable

Caledonian Fire Integrity Cable

Fire Integrity Cable, are uniquely designed for human safety and asset safety are widely used for Public Help Points, Public Address, Station Announcement Platforms, Fire alarm and CCTV systems, Platform Screens and Door, Entry and Exits, Lifts and Escalators in Railway Station and Bus Interchange, where electrical circuit integrity must be maintained in the event of faults and fire caused by external or internal factors.

Fire integrity cables also extensively used for complete fire detection system for hazardous environments including tunnels, providing early warning and no false alarms. The fire integrity cables are either solid or stranded copper conductors with silicon rubber insulation, with optional aluminium tape and a LSZH sheath. The applicable standards include BS 7629-1, BS 5839-1: 2002, BS 8434-1: 2003, BS EN 50200 PH30, BS 6387 C W Z, IEC 60332-3, IEC 60332-1, BS EN 50265, BS EN 50266, BS 50267, BS EB 50268 , IEC 60754 and IEC 61034). These cables comply with LU Section 12 station regulations.