Rolling Stock Cable

Our complete range of rolling stock cables and components, conforms Australian standards. We supply wide range of rolling stock cables from 300 V to 6 kV in diameter of 0.5 mm2 to 400 mmcovering diverse railway standards.
All cables meet all relevant technical requirements e.g. electrical safety, low-smoke and toxicity, flawless operation in the event of fire and extended life.

Our Rolling stock cables are suitable for for underground, mass transit lines and tramlines as well as metro trains. We are keeping pace with the increasing need to reduce both volume and weight, and high temperature cables with enhanced performance. Highly stressed materials being used in the harsh environment of rolling stock.

Our High Temperature cables are lightweight and small size for high flexibility and easy handling, which is ideal for high-speed train cable applications. High temperature cables are designed for higher current capacity for the same cross-section. Higher the continuous temperature load, the longer the life time of the cable at a given working temperature. High Temperature cable allow greater safety margins and higher current capacity, with the following features:

  • Low weight cable
  • Miniature size cable 
  • Thin wall cable
  • Operating temperature range: 125°C to -60°C
  • Low smoke density: >90% light transmission
  • Short circuit cable and Earth fault-proof cables: >250°C.

RSE/STD/024 Part 6 Types IV Rolling Stock Cables(Single-core/Single-pair/Multi-core/Multi-pair; Unsheathed/Sheathed; Screened; Reduced/Enhanced/Standard wall)


  • Stranded/Flexible Tinned Copper, cross-linked EPR Rubber insulation


  • Rolling stock cable used for power and control applications

Fire Performances

  • DIN 5510-2
  • BS 6853
  • NF F16-101
  • EN 50306-2

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