Rolling Stock Solutions

Eugania Rail Pacific's professionals have strong Rail & Mining industry focused solutions knowledge to suggest state-of-the-art technology to the specific requirements, presenting the best suited products, sourced from global manufacturers for the applications suitable for varied industry

Rolling Stock(Locomotives & Wagons)

  • Locomotives (New & Used)
  • Rolling stocks
  • Tram
  • Wagons for the transport of the ores and coal
  • Ballastiers
  • Wagons Hopper Dozator
  • Rail Tankers
  • Draw Gear
  • Underframes
  • Bogie
  • Power trolleys

Railway Wheel Tyres

  • Forged and rolled
  • Rough or fully machined
  • Heat treated to the required condition

Rolling stock Brake Blocks

On tread, asbestos-free composite railway brake blocks and brake shoes for on tread braking of diesel and electric locomotives, freight wagons, passenger motor coaches, passenger coaches and a wide variety of rolling stocks