Track Inspection Device


Memorail is designed for railroad tracks and enables precise inspection methods to register five railroad five critical information i.e., gauge, Cross level, longitudinal level difference, alignment line, and flatness inspections, by using a variety of sensors and performing image processing.

Memorail has built-in PC to measure data automatically so that the measurement results of the five items can be checked on the PC screen using dedicated software on the spot.

  • Applications
    • Condition inspections of railroad tracks
    • Regular inspections
    • Condition inspections before and after railroad track maintenance
  • Features
    • Allowing a single person to make inspections, provided that the person is other than a special railroad track inspector.
    • Incorporating a drip-proof-type PC, thus making inspections possible in the shower.
    • A light-weight model (with a main unit weight of 20 kg) that can be carried by a single person with ease.

Ultrasonic Rail Flaw Detector

PRD-300 Rail Tester is the culmination of TOKYO KEIKI RAIL TECHNO’s more than 35 years of experience and knowhow in Ultrasonic Flaw inspection for railways.

The PRD-300 builds on its popular predecessor - the PRD-100 series which is used extensively in railway inspection and maintenance - and represents a comprehensive model change with major enhancements including expanded functions.

Playing a critical role in track maintenance, PRD-300 Rail Tester enables minute scrutiny and improves the efficiency of rail inspections.

  • Features
    • The 8.4 inch high intensity color LCD display provides, in addition to the conventional single screen display, multiple 4-screen and 6-screen displays of flaw images scanned in B-Scan (cross-sectional image) and A-Scan (received waveform).
    • PCs installed with post-processing software can display and playback flaw images. PC performs sizing, measurements of flaw images, which could previously only be done at the site.
  • The software generates inspection work reports and record keeping.
    • Rail bottom zoom display function vertical with the 0° probe is standard
    • This zoom display function can detect rail bottom corrosion due to electrolytic corrosion of rails inside tunnels and at crossings, pin pointing their location as well as providing quantitative data on the extent of corrosion.

Flaw images that are stored in internal memory can be uploaded to office PCs by using USB flash memories. Compared to the previous method which utilized images stored in the video recorder, image analysis is greatly simplified.

RailNavi - II “Portable Accelerometer”

For Railway Vehicle to check

  • Track
    • Periodical vibration test.
    • Track condition check
    • Emergency vibration test
  • Vehicle
    • Brake test
    • Train condition check
    • Emergency vibration test
    • Riding quality level analysis
  • Easy operation
  • Kilopost convert (GPS/Tacho generator)
  • 7-axis sensor
  • Touch panel, Battery-operated