Trackwork Equipment

Eugania Rail Pacific’s team has developed robust relationship with internationally acclaimed rail technology manufacturers, ranging from European, American, Australian, Korean, and Indian to provide solutions to our customers across Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia, India, Philippines, and Middle East assisting them to source cutting-edge technology to build their infrastructure robust, productive and safe.

Our value proposition is our product mix, strength in technical understandings, presenting world-class products and solutions, proposing cost reduction initiatives, assisting in optimizing Total-Cost-of-Ownership.

Rail Track Infrastructure Equipment

High speed & Heavy Haul Turnouts

  • Tangential turnouts
  • Swingnose crossing
  • MonoBloc
  • Flash Butt welding Crossing
  • RBM
  • Diamond Crossing
  • Switches for Heavy haul, Main line & Metro
  • Expansion switches
  • GIJs - V shaped / Angle cut / Straight
  • Buffer Stop
  • De-Railers
  • Mobile turnouts
  • Rail Fasteners and accessories.

We are constantly collaborate with customers to introduce innovations in improving the performance of the critical trackwork equipment.

From Japan, Europe & India

Tramways, Light Rail Equipment

  • Turnouts with a Straight, Curved sections
  • Tramway block switches
  • Tramway switch with flexible replaceable blades
  • Single blade Tramway Switches
  • Track equipment
  • Track drainage
  • Mobile Crossing

From Germany, Belgium, UK & Czech

Pre-cast Bearer - German brand

  • Monoblock sleepers
  • Biblock sleepers

Composite Sleepers - Japanese brand

Fiber glass reinforced rigid urethane foam

  • Light weight
  • High Electrical insulation
  • Corrosion resistant
  • High strength; 171.7 N/mm2
  • Ultra low Water absorption; 0.6mg/cm2