Diagnostic & Measurement Devices


  • Eddy current Flaw Detector
  • Ultrasonic Flaw Detector
  • Eddy current multi channel Flaw Detector
  • Ultrasonic probes
  • Ultrasonic Double Rail Flaw Detector
  • Electromagnetic Acoustic Flaw Detector
  • Dynamic Hardness Tester
  • Magnetic particle testing of couplings
  • Ultrasonic and Eddy current in line Testing of Railway Axles
  • Complex Non-Destructive Testing of Railcar Wheel sets
  • Ultrasonic in line Testing of Rail Wheels
  • Ultrasonic Immersion Testing of Railway Axles


  • Longitudinal Welded Joints testing of mean and large diameter pipes
  • Ultrasonic Testing of Longitudinal Welded tubes
  • Ultrasonic Testing of Pipe ends
  • Non-Destructive Testing of Pipe`s body
  • Acoustic Emission Flaw Detection system
  • Ultrasonic Testing of Steel strap
  • Ultrasonic Testing of Flat products
  • Eddy Current Testing of slabs
  • Ultrasonic Flaw Detector and Thickness gauge