Signalling Solutions

Eugania Rail Pacific's team have commendable expertise in understanding modern rail technology and their influences in providing safe and robust corridor to their customers.

The Rail automation starts with Automatic train control systems, performs great deal of automatic functions, continuous monitoring of all movements of the trains on lines and at stations and provide safe signaling, supports related actions for operating crew, personnel and drivers, ensuring higher speeds and enabling the line and network resources to be utilized to it’s maximum capacity. Signaling information as well as operational information being transmitted to make railway services efficient and cost-effective.

Eugania Rail Pacific's team is engaged in promoting Electronics Interlocking solutions in Rail signaling systems including automation, telecommunication solutions. Our knowledgeable team has expertise to discuss and offer cutting-edge technology, proven quality, innovative, environmentally friendly solutions through our technology manufacturing partners for maximum throughput, availability, safe and efficient railway operations, and cost-effectiveness.

Signaling Infrastructure & Electronics

From German, Spanish & Korean Technology Partners:

  • Infrastructure Monitoring & Control systems(PLC controlled, application SCADA software etc.)
  • Train Control systems
    • Automatic Train Control (ATC)
    • Automatic Train Operation (ATO)
    • Automatic Train Protection (ATP)
    • Automatic Train Supervision (ATS)
  • Train detection
  • Solid State Interlocking
  • Axle Counters
  • Automatic Braking systems
  • Level Crossing Protection systems & interlocking(Cablesd or Wireless)
  • Marshaling & Hauling Equipment
  • Micro Computer – Marshaling Yard
  • Micro Computer - Electrical locally-operated points
  • Over Speed Monitor & Amplifier
  • Hot Wheel Sensor
  • Ballise
  • Point Machine, Impedance Bond


Complete track signals, station signals and shunt signals

Designed for 250km/h, equipped with the best light technology (Power-LED, SIL-4) and executed as a modular system - this makes the KRUCH signal a reliable investment for all rail operators. The modular system offers a variety of possibilities to suit every operator’s specific specifications.

For more than a decade KRUCH has been producing high-speed signals on automated production lines for the Austrian Federal Railways ÖBB and other rail operators.


  • Modular concept
  • LED spots according to SIL-4
  • Steel construction according to EN1090-cl3
  • Signal shield black anodized
  • Galvanized steel mast
  • Life endurance +30 years
  • Minimal maintenance (LED’s)
  • No maintenance (mast)


  • Signal mast
  • Mast accessories
  • Signal shields
  • LED spots

Pre mounted, ready for installation

  • Complete signal masts, wired
  • Signal shields with wired LED spots