Measuring & Simulation

Inspection Devices

Contactless overhead line diagnostic and measuring equipment installable on any type of railway Vehicle (Height, Stagger and Wear)

  • Special pantograph for measuring overhead line parameters ?by Lateral lasers
  • Portable trolley for Catenary Geometry, WEAR and TRACKS measurements
  • It’s used to refine the installation of new lines and to help control and maintenance of existing overhead lines
  • Measuring of Height, Stagger, WEAR and Tracks profile

It is uniquely designed for portable use, it’s small, lightweight and portable Trolley, can be carry on every railway, subway and tramway.

  • Portable equipment for catenary geometry and wear measurement(easy to use software, very clearly detected data associated with real-time charts and drawings in 2D section.)
  • Portable Diagnostic Tool to measure and store the geometrical parameters of the catenary and the wear.
  • Small, lightweight and portable complete with battery, is the tool for the installations and the maintenance of the line.

It communicates with free Wi-Fi to tablet or smartphone, storing geographic measures, videos, images and voice-comments with the help of a GPS.

Pantographs diagnostics

  • Automatic detection of all pantographs passing through the detecting site, is to prevent pantograph faults and consequent damages on the overhead line.
  • It is generally installed on trackside.

Overhead Contact line Checkpoints

Continuous real time measurement and monitoring of contact line conditions

  • Central diagnosis of the catenary system
  • Monitoring of passing pantographs
  • Alarm at unacceptable load
  • Huge potential savings through quick reaction to failures
  • Reduction of costs for damages (train delays, track closures, repairs, accidents, etc.)

Position / Movement Measurements for Overhead Contact Lines 

Measurement of contact wire uplift, hanger compression and lateral position

Temperature Measurement 

for Contact wires, Conductor rails and more.

Force Measurement 

Contact wire tensioning force

  • Checking if the correct tension is applied
  • Detects contact wire failures
  • Detects branches or trees lying on the contact wire

Contact Wire Measurement Devices 

Determines contact wire position

  • Easy handling
  • Robust finish
  • Suitable for use on building sites
  • Measurement and reading by one person

Catenary Measuring Instruments

  • LASER distance measurement device with digital colour LCD-finder
  • Contact-free measurement system to determine the catenary position (height/stagger)
  • Identify horizontal and vertical distances to poles, bridge heights, cable heights, etc.
  • Positioning of the instrument and displaying the results with an integrated fully coloured finder/display unit.
  • Bluetooth data transmission to PC (WIN) or PDA (Android)
  • Measuring equipment for track super-elevation.

Load Cycle Tests for Catenary Hangers 

  • This new fatigue testing device for catenary hangers reaches testing cycles of up to 10 Hertz.
  • It allows unmatched possibilities to test and evaluate wire connections in overhead contact lines. Due to the high frequency it quickly predicts life span of a hanger connection.
  • Analyses hanger connections for high-speed lines.

Pull-out / Pull-off Testing of Catenary Hangers (Tensile strength test)

  • 5 kN EN 501190 testing of hangers