Technology Transfer in Rail Technology

The momentum of change forces in the world economy have become so powerful that they have accelerated the pace of change. Product life cycles are shorter. Potentials for accelerating product developments and new products are greater. Industry boundaries are blurred so that companies have opportunities in a wider range of industries and are impacted by competitors from more distant product-market activities.

Due diligence is critical. We deploy careful due diligence process to discover not only legal factors but also potential cultural and business problems that may emerge when firms combine.

Eugania Rail Pacific's business endeavour is to support you to identify and develop interest in exisiting Indian Rail Equipment Manufacturers or Investors who are keen to secure Modern Technologies for their necessary business reorientation. To assist in commercialising the products in the market space by developing resilient expertise in delivering the goods as per end users' expectations. Reviewing and extending the support of reverse supply the products to the origin countries to reduce input cost to finished products but also secure increase in revenue boosting export.

We extend our support in forming JV for manufacturing and supplying solutions to target growing demand of Indian infrastructural as well as industrial development, being local manufacturer and taking advantages of reverse supply to Australia for domestic customers and further exports.

We have very resourceful contacts in India and Philippines which can propel a potential momentum of your business expansion venture in dynamic country

Presetly, our team is working in India to set up JV between two global technology firms, for manufacturing cutting-edge technology Brake Blocks for rolling stocks to make it more environment friendly, cheaper, longer life-expectancy and best for high-speed applications also arranging technology technology licencing to manufacture higher capacity wagon to meet increasing demand of freight transport.

We are presently engaged in assisting globally acclaimed technology companies for possible JV and manufacturing licensing with Indian existing Rail trackwork equipment and Rolling stock manufacturing companies, to set up a strong business portfolio in India to cater the need of local demand.