About Eugania Rail Pacific

Eugania Rail Pacific was founded to foster technology upgrade in infrastructure and engineering businesses. We offer challenging and innovative technologies over traditional business enterprise model to grow revenue by introducing latest  technology and industry efficient modern methods to boost productivity in dynamic complex environment. We commit dedication in working seamlessly with our customers' management and engineering team in sourcing the right solutions for their need, and offering the services for necessary implementations managing project program etc.

Our experienced team supports in providing taliored engineered solutions to boost customer/stake holders' dependency and generating smart revenue from innovative approaches and valuable productive relationships. We continue to work aggressively with the state rail authorities, rail access corporations, Govt. infrastructure dept., rail technology manufacturing companies, mining infrastructures, manufacturing industries, and multinational engineering design-built agencies to help pursue our customers' mission for necessary approvals and their sustainable growth.

Eugania Rail Pacific has a wide range of value based services to present. Euganaia has the capability to offer services every step of the way in providing you with the right technology in real time. We assist our customers in identifying their requirements, sourcing the right technology and customization of the same as per the need, and managing all commercial aspects of the processes, including introducing new technologies in the new market through technology transfers or arranging manufacturing licensing facility, to optimize the cost of investments in R&D.

We do not just act as technology facilitator to the entrepreneurs in developing countries, rather providing holistic solutions for sourcing technology global resource, to become competitive in their solution offerings, advising various technology solution upgrades, negotiating the deal with the technology company for technology transfer or technology licensing but also reverse supply of final product to the technology orginator countrey to reduce input cost.

We are committed to extend value based support in broad range of services across infrastructure, resources and industries viz.

Infrastructures & Resources

  • Rail
  • Mining
  • Govt. Infrastructure institutions
  • Defence
  • Utilities