Sourcing of Goods from India & Japan15 June 2016

We have solid experience in sourcing a wide variety of equipment/steel/goods/semi-finished materials, to help you drive the cost out of your supply chain. We offer innovative and versatile bescope solutions to your day-to-day need; no matter the equipment/goods exists due to the lack of... Read more

Japanese Rail Technology in Australia 06 April 2016

We are proudly announcing our offcial appoinment as Distributor of Nishiyama Corporation, Japan for Australia, for their range of high tech solutions e.g., High speed rail equipment, Glue Insulated Rail Joints, Composite sleepers, Rail Track Inspection Devices, RailRoad Track... Read more

Composite Sleeper 15 June 2016

Now a days materials used for Railroad sleepers, are not just natural Timber, but also Synthetic Lumber. Our synthetically produced product workability is equivalent to Lumber but Strength rivaling Concrete, is being used by many Railroad... Read more

V-shaped glue insulated joints 17 February 2016

Kanto-Bunkiki introduced V-shaped glue insulated joints for Noise reduction and Flow prevention V-shaped... Read more

Change Management16 November 2015

... Read more