Rail Bond

Hot Press type Rail Bond is an uniquely designed connection system developed by Japanese technology company after long rigorous tests both in Lab and in-field, it allows seamless electrical connection between rail and the signal system without challenging the metamorphic structure due to high temperature welding method.

This technology is highly reliable and conforms stringent regulations and technical requirements of rail bonding.

It is designed for high durability system, to absorb severe rail vibration. The connections are PH free, CD free, low melting point e.g. 216C and the bonding material is of Sn-Ag-Zn eutectic alloy.

HP Rail bond is highly recommended for DC or AC electrification system. In DC electrification, the current flow is much higher than the AC electrification system, hence need to connect higher diameter Cable and higher vibration stress on the terminals. This method ideally works to absorb vibration up to 20 million tons on rail annually.This Hot Press bonding method is easy for removal and able to fix again without metamorphic structure to the rail as the whole bonding process requires low temperature i.e., 216C.